Bobbing For Apples

Based on the data the conclusions that I can make is that I think 8B won by just a little bit. A believeable inference is that Dylan in our class used a particular strategy by dunking his head under water the biting onto the apple then pulling it out. But he got soaked from doing that. The winner is 8B!!



Buzzing in The Hive

Hello reader, The Idea Hive (105 The Hive) is about two classes 2,700 km away working together through technology. Also it’s for people across the world to post blogs and to answer questions. We are from Wingham, Ont and they are from Snow Lake, MB. My opinion of the Idea Hive is that it’s for interacting with people across the world and to comment on other peoples blog posts. So what do you think of the Idea Hive?

Something I have in common with most people from Snow Lake is that many of us have one or two dogs. For example, in Snow Lake, Kassie, Magenta, Madisyn, Mercedes love dogs. I particularly like Great Danes. I like big dogs because they could be awesome watch dogs, and they could be loveable. Something I have in common with Kassie, Mercedes, and Magenta is that we all have one or two dogs and we love them. Something that is unique about me is that I am the only one in my family that knows how to tie a fisherman’s knot and I am the only one that has ever been on a pontoon boat.

The person that is most like me is Mercedes because we both have one or two dogs. For example I have a dog named Pup and she is part wolf part husky. She is a fat and fluffy dog. What kind of dogs do people in Snow Lake have?